Government Relations and Corporate Consulting

Government Relations and Corporate Consulting

Our organisation provides Government Relations and Corporate Affairs for the Australian market, providing outcome focused high quality advice that is tailored to the requirements of our clients.

We have significant expertise in Australia’s Federal Government and state/territory governments in both political strategy and policy development, and a proven track record of working with political leaders and all levels of departmental bureaucracy. From the passage of legislation, stakeholder mapping through to state and territory agreements, we can assist with policy development and legislation through complex bureaucracy and political environments.

In addition to government, we have deep expertise in all aspects of the health industry policy and processes, including state governments,  hospitals, private insurance, human services, pharmaceuticals (including PBS and TGA), and complementary medicines.

Bossy Group also offers Consulting Services, including business and sales development, with a strong focus in the areas of government, ICT and the health, pharmaceutical and hospitals industries for both corporations and governments. We provide innovative approaches to sales and growth, with engagement plans, stakeholder maps, sales plans and business development.

As a National organisation, we are located in Canberra, Australia, servicing clients in many regions of Australia and conduct our work with high regard to ethics and transparency. We are registered on all appropriate lobby registers to ensure our work is transparent and in accordance with established codes of conduct.

Peter McMachon

Peter McMachon

Head of Government and Corporate Division

Additional Services:

Communications and Public Relations

Quality communications and Public Relations is highly strategic and can deliver exceptional value for an organisation if well executed. At Bossy Group we ensure the messaging and strategy is developed with our clients to meet specific objectives.

Services include:

  • Communications/ Public Relations Strategy and Planning
  • Stakeholder engagement planning and execution
  • Press/ Media Releases
  • Messaging and written communications (including reports)
  • Editing of corporate messaging
  • Crisis Management

Independent Facilitation / Workshops

Effective workshops that are outcomes focused can be a powerful tool for a government organisation or a corporation. At Bossy Group we deliver a tailored workshop service that is developed with the client to ensure specific goals are achieved.

Our Workshops services include:

  • Outcome focused activities
  • Preplanning
  • Facilitation
  • Reporting/ Feedback